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Business Investor - Mentor - Serial Entrepreneur

20+ Businesses


70+ Industries


20+ Countries

Done business in


"Paul’s ideas on how to get a business where you want it to be are incredible."


What people say about Paul

70+ industries

I have worked owned, ran or advised companies in over 70 different industries. 

B2B or B2C I am sure I have the skillset to work with you or take the business off your hands.

If I do not, I will know someone who does!

What's your story?

Whether you have a profitable company or a business that is struggling

(for whatever reason)

I am interested in having a chat with you.  

It all starts with a quick chat...

There really is only one way to discover how I can help you.

Lets have a conversation! 


I use over 37 years of my own business building experience (I know I don’t look old enough😉)

I help successful companies to do even better and struggling businesses to get on track.

I have started and built, bought or sold and /or invested in over 20 business.

At the time of writing I own five businesses outright with minority shareholdings in three more.


My own ventures range from cleaning to print to overseas property development, training and

eco friendly chemicals.

I have mentored and in many cases helped turn around over 83 businesses in over

70 different industries so there is a very good chance I can help you.

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