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I work with a select number of mentoring clients

I love to help where I can, so I still work personally with a select number of clients on a one to one basis.

I worked with my first client over a decade ago when I did so on a full-time basis.


I work with clients who want to grow their business and get maximum return on investment.


Some examples of my work:

Start up business – 12 months goals in 12 WEEKS!

Stagnant 30 year old company grew 60% in year one and then another 44% in year two

(2022 now represents a 270% increase in a little over two years)


From 28 new clients in 12 months WITHOUT Paul to 16 new clients in just 4 weeks WITH PAUL!


Healthcare business; 12 month transformation,
from a £1 million to £6 million revenue business 

Home improvement company; 400% return on investment in 4 days!


Turned £500 marketing spend into £50,000 sales in 6 weeks!

Won a £120,000 contract from an email the that cost nothing to send

Wholesaler achieved 800% increase within two months

Find out how quickly I could help you get your business on track!

Get in touch and we can see how I can help

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