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Who is
Paul Robson?


Over a 37-year career,

I have built, bought, invested in or sold over 20 businesses.

I currently have majority stakes in five business' and three where I have minority shareholdings.

It all started with my first business aged just 16 - cleaning carpets. 

I did have a sales job before that selling seafood snacks around the pubs and clubs of Newcastle - there's a story I might tell you one day!! 

I have also had / have interests in print, marketing, direct mail, overseas property development, chemicals, cleaning, flooring, training, fintech and office equipment. 

I have also mentored and / or turned around over 70 businesses in industries such as recruitment, manufacturing, engineering and plant hire.

I have provided sales training to one person start ups and to £3 Billion organisations. 

I was able to effect dramatic change for a number of reasons one of which was a business failure I experienced in 2001 where I learned not only how to survive but what needed to be done as part of my business process to prevent problems in the future. 

After a life changing illness and and almost two years taking it easy I took the decision to use what I had learned about myself whilst mentoring and apply it to taking stakes in businesses as well as mentoring.

Why do I do what I do?

After a few years taking it easy I needed to get back to business! I love the thrill of "doing business"

I also like to create and preserve jobs, make money and show my kids (three all in their 20's) what their old man can do!

Incidentally my kids work with me helping run my existing businesses.

I own majority stakes in five and and there are a further three for which I have minority stakes.




​Started a print business with a partner and £2,000, Built a multi million pound operation

Won a regional business of the year award (Customer Service)

Won award for businessman of the year

Started an overseas property development company -

built and sold 127 properties 

Mentored over 70 businesses in different industries to various levels of success​ including-

Turning a clients £3,250 spend into £140,000 in sales

From 28 new clients in 12 months WITHOUT Paul to 16 new clients in just 4 weeks WITH PAUL!

Turned a struggling double glazing manufacturer into a prospering business including a
£500 marketing spend into
£50,000 sales in 6 weeks 

Health and Safety business struggling to pay a £500 bill, won a £120,000 contract and
exited the business within 16 months

Healthcare business 12 month transformation
from a
£1 million to £6 million revenue business  

From a start-up to achieving the 12 month 200 monthly clients  goal in just 12 WEEKS!

Profile pic[9050].jpg

I am equally comfortable investing/ working with distressed businesses as I am working with successful organisations.

I am able to apply a multitude of strategies developed over my career that work, and usually work quickly.

Paul Robson, CEO


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